Grand Court of Colorado

Order of the Amaranth


A MESSAGE FROM HL BRANDI  - Grand Royal Matron

Honored Ladies and Sir Knights,

I hope that this year end newsletter finds you all in good health and great spirits.

Keeping the holidays special will create distinction from one day to the next and help bolster your morale. I fundamentally believe this is essential for maintaining our mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic. Consider nurturing those rituals that you have had in the past with a dose of self-care: Wear your favorite outfit, play your favorite music, dress your table with special things and personal collections that bring you joy! 

The Holidays can be bright and happy but, they can also leave you feeling down and stressed. I know this can be an even more difficult time during this crazy year, and I want you all to know that you are not alone. I’m sending you my warmest season's greetings and lots of love for a Happy Hannukah, a wonderful St. Nicholas Day, a Blessed Winter Solstice Day, a Merry Christmas, a joyful Kwanzaa, a fruitful Festivus but most of all I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! 

   I found an article about migraine studies that were taking place in Denmark. The Researchers noticed that many people’s brains reacted strongly — and happily — to images of Christmas and other peaceful holidays. The subjects would see pictures of twinkling lights or decorated home fronts, lighted menorahs, baked goodies and suddenly they’d experience increased blood flow to their sensory motor cortex and parietal lobe. With this evidence, we are to be happy in seeing these things remember our Holidays are not canceled they are just scaled down so that we may all be safe and healthy. 

So, enjoy the beautiful lights of Christmas, put up a Christmas Tree even if it is a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree, bring on the Christmas Music, turn your radio dial, set your I-Tunes, put on a Record, however it is that you listen to music these days, DO IT!

Me: "I want a magical Unicorn for Christmas”

Santa: “Be realistic
Me: “Okay. I want everything to go back to the way things were before Covid-19.”
Santa: “What color Unicorn would you like?”

 May the spirit of the holidays keep you safe and warm


                                                                     H.L.  Brandi Long          Grand Royal Matron




A MESSAGE FROM SK JIM – Grand Royal Patron

The Magic of Christmas


  The magic of Christmas

     Is tied in each bow;

It glistens and sparkles

In new fallen snow

It rings in the tolling

Of silvery bells

And lingers unending

In savory smells.


The magic of Christmas

Hangs in each wreath;

It mingles and harkens

The very word “peace”.

It’s wrapped up in packages

Cheerful and gay;

And lies in a stable

With a Babe in the hay.




The magic of Christmas

Is hung on a tree

And peers from the face

Of an angel I see.

                                            It smiles on a child

                                     Almost bursting with joy

And glows in the eyes

Of each girl and boy.


~Ruth H. Underhill



I am looking forward to when we are able to safely meet again.  Until then take care and stay safe, wear your masks and as HL Lelia says "wash your hands".  My wish for all is a Very Merry, Safe and Healthy Christmas and

may your New Year be Safe and Healthy as well!


SK Jim Miles, GRP









“May your Christmas sparkle and your New Year shine”